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Paperback - Written in memory of Cpl Sarah Bryant
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Monty and Tyler Take the Top Road is a delightful, true story of a horse named Monty and his canine friend, Tyler. Monty, a beautiful Dales Cross Cob, and Tyler, a pedigree black Labrador, achieved 'fame' in the media in the summer of 2005 due to a special and unusual skill they mastered. The story, told through the eyes of the dog, Tyler, demonstrates a tender and trusting bond between the animals, as well as the patience of their fun-loving owner who playfully encourages Monty and Tyler to develop a talent born entirely by chance.

Monty and Tyler were the beloved pets of Corporal Sarah Louise Bryant (Nee Feely), a soldier of the Intelligence Corps of the British Army, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on 17th June, 2008. Sarah had often suggested to her father, Des Feely, that the true-life adventures of Monty and Tyler would make a fun and amusing book for children and adults alike. It was this recollection that inspired Mr. Feely to put pen to paper during the months after his daughter's death, which has resulted in a moving and amusing story, lovingly written in memory of Sarah. The book is complemented by more than 40 colour photographs, bringing the true adventures of Monty and Tyler to life, while revealing the joy they brought to Sarah and her family. It is hoped that the book's success will enable Mr. Feely to make donations to various charities that support veterans of war.