ICA Resettlement & Support for Employment 'Rose' Network (formerly ICAREC)

ICAREC recently rebranded into what will forthwith be known as The Rose Network.  This name change has been chosen to deliberately emphasise that employment support is not just about resettlement for Serving personnel.  It is for the whole of our Corps Family, Regulars, Reserves, Veteran and immediate family.  This webpage provides three essential links that can be found below:

  • Employment Opportunities. Up to date employment opportunities which have been passed to the Intelligence Corps Rose Network by our extensive Civilian Network.
  • Careers Information. A page that provides Service Leavers with current advice on transition from the military. This includes guidance on the production of CVs, interview techniques and relevant course and training requirements.
  • Virtual Employment Network. Here Service Leavers can explore a drop-down menu that includes numerous employment types across the spectrum of the Civilian work place from Accountant to Security Consultant. Leavers can fill in an electronic page with their experience, leaving date and other relevant information based on a specific employment type and press a send button. This anonymously fires their information to one of our Networkers who is currently employed in the employment type. The Networker will then get in touch with the Leaver directly and provide coherent advice on their transition to civilian life.

The ‘Virtual Employment Network’ is a new initiative which supplements the The Rose Network’s five annual Forums which are held across the country. These are usually held in London (x2), Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh. The Forums provide the opportunity for our Leavers to meet members of our Network community in a relaxing environment. The Networkers provide advice, mentoring and the occasional ‘golden ticket’ of an employment opportunity. The last such event was hosted by Deloitte in London. 

For those in transition, or other Association members in search of new employment, keep your eye on regular updates on the ICA Rose Network webpage.

For first hand advice on Intelligence Corps Association Rose Network issues please get in touch with Mrs Hazel Donald at Headquarters Intelligence Corps Association:


Employment Opportunities

Click here to view employment opportunities.

Career Information

Please click here to view career information and training courses.

Virtual Employment Network

Please click here to access the virtual employment network.