Intelligence Corps Association

The Intelligence Corps Association (ICA) is a registered charity dating from 1946 and formed for the purpose of:

  • The promotion and wellbeing of the Intelligence Corps, including fostering esprit de corps and maintaining contact between past and present members.
  • The education of the role, history, traditions, customs and ethos of the Corps, including support to the Corps Museum
  • Providing benevolence and grants to members of the association and their families.
  • And the commemoration and remembrance who have lost their lives or suffered injury.

We are a charity dedicated to the support of its members and former members of the Intelligence Corps, and their immediate families, mainly through charitable giving.  Income is derived predominantly from subscriptions raised through the Day’s Pay Giving Scheme (for serving members) and by standing order (for retired members). Some of this goes to helping members in hardship, need or distress but money from the Day’s Pay Giving Scheme is also used to add value to life in the Corps – through sports, adventurous training, heritage, social events and of course the ICA Resettlement & Support for Employment 'Rose' Network  (formerly known as 'ICAREC')

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Would you benefit from becoming an ICA member?

Membership of the Intelligence Corps Association is open to all members and former members of the Intelligence Corps and, in certain circumstances, those who have served with the Intelligence Corps.